EP02: Dead Bears, Rusty Trucks, and Jazz Music with Josh Henley

In this episode, Justin sits down with Norton Transport driver Josh Henley. Josh exudes joy as he shares his love for trucking and the life that comes with it. His many years over the road have brought him unique experiences, savvy wisdom, and a deep appreciation for a healthy team. 

  • Josh’s current success with Norton Transport and the path that led him there (1:00)
  • Creative tips for cutting costs and saving money while over the road (5:30)
  • Crazy stories from the road! (8:10)
  • Is this the winning nomination for Dispatcher of the Year? (11:03)
  • Let’s Eat! Josh names the best food city in America (14:05)
  • Josh shares his gratitude for the loyal and caring atmosphere at Norton (17:40)
  • Josh highlights his favorite trucks and tunes out on the road and reveals his hidden talent! (19:50)
  • What attracted him to the truck driving dream and what would he tell his younger self? (22:40)

We’re so grateful to hear Josh’s story. Keep Truckin!

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