Six-Figure Trucker

with Justin Scott

Presented by Norton Transport

Six Figure Trucker Podcast
Six Figure Trucker Podcast

About The Show

Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly podcast brought to you by the good folks at Norton Transport.

Each episode, we talk about one simple topic: trucking. We share some WILD driver stories, talk about what’s going on in the news, and most importantly give you the resources and tools you need to accelerate your career to that of a six-figure trucker.

Join us while you drive to share some laughs and maybe learn a thing or two as well. We’ll catch you down the road …

Podcast Episodes

04: Bustin’ Ass and Makin’ Bank with Eric Ryan of Norton Transport

His bust-ass work ethic and competitive spirit led Eric Ryan to believe the owner-operator path would be the surest one to prosperity in the trucking industry. But Eric’s early experience in that lane handed his ass back to him. Yet, that early experience was a blessing in disguise that led Eric to Norton. 


Rock Star living on a Six-Figure Income with Jose Palma

Who comes to mind when you think of weekends in Vegas, cheesesteaks in Philly, love interests in the Dominican Republic, and a date to go skydiving? You’re probably visualizing the Spring break goals of college kids or maybe the highlight reel of a Hootie and the Blowfish tour. How about a truck driver with Norton Transport and Driveaway? 


02: Dead Bears, Rusty Trucks, and Jazz Music with Josh Henley

In this episode, Justin sits down with Norton Transport driver Josh Henley. Josh exudes joy as he shares his love for trucking and the life that comes with it. His many years over the road have brought him unique experiences, savvy wisdom, and a deep appreciation for a healthy team.