Six Figure Trucker Podcast

About The Show

Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly podcast about driveaway trucking. We interview the industry’s most successful driveaway truck drivers in each episode. New episodes drop every Thursday.

We share some amazing driver stories, talk about what’s going on in the news, and, most importantly, give you the resources and tools you need to accelerate your driveaway career to that of a six-figure trucker.

Join us while you drive to share some laughs and maybe learn something new about driveaway trucking.

Podcast Episodes

EP113: Rollin’ with Philip Burge Jr.

Our guest today knows how to roll. In his fascinating career, Philip Burge has kept crowds of people AND the wheels of driveaway rollin’! As a stand-up comedian in his twenties, Philip toured the crazy life of show business. In fact, he entertained packed houses alongside comedic legends like Robin Williams and David Spade! Though Philip Burge never became a household name, he enjoyed unforgettable moments and gained valuable experiences that have shaped his life and continue to serve him in a much different career. Moving from a crowded stage in front of hundreds of people into a solo seat in a cab in front of the open roads is quite a shift. But, for Philip, it’s been a shift to a gear he loves. The freedom, flexibility, and promise of driveaway have been rewarding for him for almost two decades now. And make no mistake, he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. As his dispatchers’ would tell you, he keeps us rollin’ in more ways than one! You don’t want to miss this entertaining and insightful conversation with driveaway great, Philip Burge, on this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.


EP112: The Esteemed Miss Mary Timmons: Tales of Reliability from a Driveaway Legend

The love and respect that we have for our guest today runs deep. In fact, it’s evident in the name, “Miss Mary”. Simply calling her Mary won’t suffice for a lady who carries the kind of history, affection, and esteem that she does around Norton Transport. So, we’re honored to welcome Miss Mary to the show! In this conversation, she’ll share a bit of her journey in the driveaway trucking world and what keeps her tires rolling into the future. We’ll also highlight the dependability and attention to detail that’s made her a kind of legend around these parts. Don’t miss this conversation with the one and only Miss Mary on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.


Re-Air: Maximizing Miles with Tow-Behind: Tony and Larry Altice

We’re excited to bring back one of our favorite episodes featuring the dynamic Father/Son duo, Tony and Larry Altice! Having tasted the freedom of Driveaway, Tony and Larry are adamant that they’ll never work for somebody else again. And there’s something else they swear by – maximizing miles with tow-behind.