Six Figure Trucker Podcast

About The Show

Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly podcast about driveaway trucking. We interview the industry’s most successful driveaway truck drivers in each episode. New episodes drop every Thursday.

We share some amazing driver stories, talk about what’s going on in the news, and, most importantly, give you the resources and tools you need to accelerate your driveaway career to that of a six-figure trucker.

Join us while you drive to share some laughs and maybe learn something new about driveaway trucking.

Podcast Episodes

EP110: Driving Hope with Driveaway: Joshua Dodge Part 2

When disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, wildfires, or tornadoes wreak havoc, most of us sit around and just gawk at the carnage displayed on the news. But not our guest today. While the eyes of most of the world are locked on their screens, the eyes of Joshua Dodge are set upon the people in need. Instead of grabbing his remote, he grabs his boots and hits the road for relief. On today’s episode, Joshua shares his passion for serving people in desperate need and how driveaway trucking makes it possible. He’s truly a good Samaritan, and we’re honored to have him as one of our drivers and as a guest on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.


EP109: 10 Years In Tow: Mastering Driveaway Trucking with Joshua Dodge – Part 1

We’re privileged to have a savvy veteran of the Driveaway Trucking space on the program today. After more than a decade behind the wheel, Joshua Dodge isn’t cooling on his life in Driveaway. More than ever, he’s leaning into the freedom and prosperity this industry has afforded him. Wherever you are in your trucking career, you will want to listen to this episode. After 10 years, Joshua has mastered skills like communication and safety to the tune of an astonishing 100% completion and check-in percentage. That’s perfection for a decade! On top of that, he’s successfully transitioned his process to include a tow-behind vehicle. In our conversation today, he shares the pros and cons to consider and offers a wealth of expert advice. You don’t want to miss this fantastic episode as we welcome Joshua Dodge to the #SixFigureTrucker.


EP108: Taming the Beast: Driveaway Drivers Guide to Profitable Garbage Truck Deliveries

Since February, our guest today has delivered an astonishing total of 16 Garbage Trucks! Next week, he’ll notch number 17 in sunny California. Brayan Alvarez is officially the Garbage Truck King! In this episode, Brayan reveals the lucrative opportunities available with these refuse machines. He also provides incredibly helpful tips and tricks for taking these beasts over the road for a long-haul delivery. No doubt, Mr. Alvarez has learned to tame the beast to the tune of big-time profits! Don’t miss this fascinating conversation with Brayan Alvarez on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.