Six-Figure Trucker

with Justin Scott

Presented by Norton Transport

Six Figure Trucker Podcast
Six Figure Trucker Podcast

About The Show

Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly podcast brought to you by the good folks at Norton Transport.

Each episode, we talk about one simple topic: trucking. We share some WILD driver stories, talk about what’s going on in the news, and most importantly give you the resources and tools you need to accelerate your career to that of a six-figure trucker.

Join us while you drive to share some laughs and maybe learn a thing or two as well. We’ll catch you down the road …

Podcast Episodes

09: Truck Yard Legend with Dave Skeen

Behind every Six-Figure Trucker, there is an all-star supporting cast. In this episode, we go behind the scenes to catch up with one of Norton’s most important and hardest working members of the team. We’re catching up with Truckyard Legend, Dave Skeen. His endless knowledge, tireless work ethic, and genuine concern for drivers have earned Dave his legendary status. There’s a reason why drivers are known to drop off the finest bottles of Scotch at Dave’s yard in Texas. Get a glimpse of the inner workings of the trucking industry in this conversation with one of the best on this episode of #SixFigureTrucker.


08: The Coach’s Playbook with Robert Stephens

We get locker room access to Coach Robert Stephens and his playbook today on this episode of Six-Figure Trucker! Over his 20+ years in trucking, Coach has acquired expertise in strategic planning, communication, and people skills. These insights have paved the way for his own success and have also positioned him to help those around him. Tapping into his extensive experience coaching sports, he loves to draw up plays to help his fellow drivers succeed over the road. So, get ready because the Doc Rivers of Deck Drivers is pulling out his clipboard to coach us up!


07: The Sleep Racer Rocks it Out with Charles Lacomb

Making more money often requires getting less sleep. Not so for Deck Driver, Charles Lacomb, aka, “The Sleep Racer”! In just a few short months with Norton Transport, Sleep Racer has become a fixture near the top of the points leaderboard and is doing it his way.