Driveaway Trucking: A Guide to This Unique Truck Driving Career

When you think of trucking, you might envision vast convoys of 18-wheelers transporting goods across the country. While this traditional image captures a significant part of the industry, there’s a specialized niche called Driveaway Trucking that’s worth understanding, especially if you’re interested in a more flexible and unique type of truck driving job.

What is Driveaway Trucking?

Driveaway trucking involves transporting a truck (or trucks) from one location to another without actually hauling a loaded trailer. The truck itself is the cargo. These trucks might be new, going from the manufacturer to the dealership, or they could be used trucks headed to auctions, scrapyards, or to another fleet. In other cases, they might be specialized vehicles, such as fire trucks, delivery vans, or buses, being delivered to a specific customer.

Why Choose Driveaway?

    • Flexibility: Driveaway jobs offer a significant amount of flexibility. Drivers can often choose their assignments based on where they want to go. If you’re someone who values freedom and decision-making in your daily routine, Driveaway Trucking could be an excellent fit for you.

    • Diversity of Experience: In Driveaway, no two days are the same. One day you might be driving a school bus; the next, a shiny new semi-truck. This diversity keeps the job fresh and engaging.

    • Lower Overhead: Unlike traditional trucking, where you might be responsible for a trailer’s maintenance and the goods you’re hauling, Driveaway often requires less overhead. The focus is solely on the truck.

    • Expand Your Skills: Due to the variety of vehicles you’ll encounter, Driveaway can help you expand your driving skills and expertise more than a typical trucking position might.

Driveaway trucking is a dynamic niche within the trucking industry that offers unique opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re a seasoned trucker looking for a change or someone new to the industry, Driveaway can provide an exciting and flexible career path. 

Via the SFT driveaway trucking podcast, you can connect with some of the most successful current Driveaway Drivers in the industry to get a firsthand look at what the job entails. For many, the open road, varied experiences, and freedom of Driveaway make it a perfect fit.

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