EP04: Bustin’ Ass and Makin’ Bank with Eric Ryan of Norton Transport

His bust-ass work ethic and competitive spirit led Eric Ryan to believe the owner-operator path would be the surest one to prosperity in the trucking industry. But Eric’s early experience in that lane handed his ass back to him. Yet, that early experience was a blessing in disguise that led Eric to Norton. 

At Norton, Eric has found the lane where his work ethic and competitive spirit can genuinely thrive. Hear how Eric has more than quadrupled both his pay and his peace on this week’s episode of the Six Figure Trucker with our host Justin Scott. Let’s get to the show!

  • All in the Family: Eric shares his backstory that led him to Trucking (1:31)
  • Early chops: Eric shares the valuable learning experience of getting his ass handed to him as an owner-operator (5:00)
  • Eric’s life-changing introduction to Norton Transport (8:53)
  • Team Spirit at Norton (14:20)
  • Boot Camp Bust Ass: on the job training with a fellow Norton driver and mentor (15:24)
  • Eric shares the tremendous Blessings of Driving with Norton: (20:33)
    • Critical Support Team (20:52)
    • Personal Pacing and Flexible Schedules (23:34)
    • Staying Fit and Strong (25:48)
    • Friendly Competition at Norton (26:32)
    • Norton Generosity and money-making possibilities (29:00)
    • The Healthy Partnership between Norton and its Drivers (30:52)
    • The Joy of deck driving with Norton (33:04)
  • Making Bank and enjoying life on the road with Norton (35:22)
  • Tex-Mex: Eric shares his vote for the #1 pit stop over the road (43:25)

Thanks for hanging with us, Eric. Keep Truckin!

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