EP05: Sleeping Beauty Tells All with Larry Jordan

If you thought Sleeping Beauty was a lovely, blonde-haired princess from once upon a time, think again! The real Sleeping Beauty is a tattooed trucker with Norton Transport! But make no mistake, his tireless work ethic ensures that he’s not sleeping on profits. He’s no myth, but Larry Jordan is a legend when it comes to company loyalty, driver rewards, and industry wisdom. Join us on this episode of #SixFigureTrucker

  • Larry lands behind the wheel with Norton (3:04)
  • Norton for Life! Larry takes Brand Loyalty to the max! (6:34)
  • The story behind the Tattoo (9:48)
  • The Sleeping Beauty (14:50)
  • He’s not Sleeping on Norton’s rewards program (16:30)
  • Larry gives a shout out to a hidden star on the Norton team (21:51)
  • The formula that makes Larry a money-making Legend (23:33)
  • The ultimate team guy, Larry has combined company loyalty with a strong work ethic to become a tremendous asset to Norton and make bank in the process (32:25)
  • You’re Family at Norton (39:32)
  • The Legacy of honesty and integrity runs deep at Norton (40:39)
    • “I won’t run for anybody else…I’m only going to run for Norton.”
  • Some shady business Larry’s seen over the road (43:08)
  • Larry shares some of his favorite Norton stories (50:28)
  • Sleeping Beauty the Foodie (57:15)

You’re a real beauty, Larry! Keep Truckin!

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