EP06: The Good Samaritan of Trucking with Reggie Jenkins

When accidents happen over the road most people reroute, run away, or just stare at the wreckage. But there’s one guy who runs toward the scene and is doing everything he can to prevent more of them. Even Law enforcement officers have sought out our Good Samaritan to extend their gratitude and seek his advice. You’ll hear how the former New York Firefighter, Reginald Jenkins, found himself behind the wheel and glean valuable safety advice on this episode of Six-Figure Trucker. Listening to this episode might just save your life. 

  • Saving Lives and Hauling Freight: Reggie’s backstory as both Fireman and Trucker (1:00)
  • Reggie’s passion for Safety over the road (8:21)
  • Justin expresses our gratitude for Reggie and other heroes like him (12:00)
  • Incredible Stories and Life-Saving Advice from our Good Samaritan (14:58)
  • Reggie talks about the Money making opportunities in Driveaway (38:50)
  • Specific safety advice for Transporting Chassis (43:23)
  • The New Jersey man loves Southern Cooking! (48:00)
  • Pay yourself first. Reggie doesn’t just save lives, he saves money (50:38)

We’re grateful for your time and service Reggie, Keep Truckin!

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