EP08: The Coach’s Playbook with Robert Stephens

We get locker room access to Coach Robert Stephens and his playbook today on this episode of Six-Figure Trucker! Over his 20+ years in trucking, Coach has acquired expertise in strategic planning, communication, and people skills. These insights have paved the way for his own success and have also positioned him to help those around him. Tapping into his extensive experience coaching sports, he loves to draw up plays to help his fellow drivers succeed over the road. So, get ready because the Doc Rivers of Deck Drivers is pulling out his clipboard to coach us up!

  • A viral moment from the road (1:05)
  • Coach’s background in trucking and history with Norton (2:40)
  • Coach’s Playbook to success in Decking
    • Strategic Planning (7:20)
    • A Clear Head (11:03)
    • Honest Communication (15:30)
    • A Willingness to Listen and Learn (17:40)
  • An extensive resume in coaching and umpiring has shaped Robert’s perspective (22:42)
  • Current Industry Changes (26:39)
  • Coach doubles down on the importance of good planning (31:23)
  • The Coach Approach – interacting with and relating to people (34:02)
  • Appreciating the healthy and cooperative culture at Norton (48:00)
  • Gettin’ Round around the belly in San Antonio! (1:01:00)
  • More insights from the Coach’s clipboard (1:03:00)

Stay Smooth Coach! 

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