EP10: The Boom King with Joe Bockenstette

A natural-born inventor, Joe Bockenstette found his niche in the trucking industry. Though he had his CDL at 21, he didn’t take his seat behind the wheel until his fifties, as a second career. But, in spite of his relatively late start, Joe quickly became a legend in this field as he engaged his engineer mind and innovative spirit to reshape the Boom Trailer Transport industry. But, his impact on the trucking industry has not been limited to innovation. His passion to “do good things” has shaped how he interacts with everyone he meets and has moved the needle towards more professionalism and respect over the road. In the process, Joe went from broke and unemployed to six figures in trucking. You’ll hear a Trailer full of great stories and expert wisdom as we spend an hour with the King of Boom on this episode of Six-Figure Trucker!

  • The Backstory of Joe’s entry into the trucking industry (1:15) 
  • The Wheels begin to turn: Joe’s inventor spirit creates a better Boom (4:30)
  • Transformational Invention: Joe’s boom transport trailer is born and hits the road (6:40) 
  • Clyde gets his Bonnie: Hear how Joe’s beloved wife joined him on the road and doesn’t settle for riding shotgun (21:24)
  • From Broke to Six Figures, his move to driveaway pays off (26:20)
  • Stories from the “Wild West” days with Joe and his Boom Trailer (28:06)
  • Joe shares excellent wisdom as he talks the etiquette and business savvy that is required for success in driveaway (38:24)
  • Joe talks about the good changes he sees in the driveaway industry (48:50)
  • Expert advice and tips for Truckers! (51:00)
  • Time for some Food! Joe’s top 2 places to eat out on the road (58:43)

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