EP12: Gimme that Double Double with David Doutt

Few people leave showbiz to enter the trucking industry. But, our guest today did just that and not only doubled his quality of life, he doubled his pay! In this episode of the Six-Figure Trucker, we talk to David Doutt who is relatively new to the driveaway scene. But, in a short time, David has become one of our most successful drivers on and off the road. Hear why David is convinced that this transition is the best one he’s ever made and why he’d tell you to drop whatever you’re doing to follow him behind the wheel of a boom rig! All this and more as we kick off season two of the #SixFigureTrucker.

  • From Showbiz to Trucking – Hear about the switch that David calls the best move he’s ever made (1:30)
  • Here Comes the Boom – David ventures into driving the Boom (5:55)
  • Can a Family Man run with Driveaway? David talks budgets and time with a young family (11:20)
  • The People and Money that made David’s transition to the Boom an incredible blessing (19:44)
  • David’s favorite sites, sounds, and eats over the road (22:51)
    • Including:
      • A Gambling story for the ages (25:02)
      • A Tex-Mex joint that comes complete with a car museum (27:05)
  • The game changing Flexibility in Driveaway (29:28)
  • Kids and Grownups alike are in awe of the Trucks of Driveaway (31:55)
  • David talks up his Dispatcher! (38:54)
  • Don’t miss this fantastic Advice! (45:02)

Keep Truckin David!

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