EP13: Like Brady to Gronk with Jermaine Scott

Hearing a guy compare himself to a famously handsome superstar athlete like Rob Gronkowski might typically cause you to roll your eyes at the obviously inflated ego in your presence. In fact, it might cause you to think of another Scott, with the first name of Michael. But, when Jermaine goes there, your impulse is the opposite. For, Jermaine goes there in order to celebrate the incredible team around him. He goes there in order to shine the light of his success in this industry on all the people that have and continue to position him to be successful. When Jermaine drops the “Gronk” moniker, you actually see his humility and gratitude. These are just the kind of traits that make Jermaine Scott successful over the road and will make you want to listen to the stories and advice he shares on today’s episode of #SixFigureTrucker.

  • Jermaine’s history as a Driver and how He landed in Driveaway (1:15)
  • Brady to Gronk! Jermaine talks up the people that put him in the position to succeed (4:08)
  • Truck Drivers are Business Men (7:44)
  • Being a Six Figure Trucker requires Management (13:03)
  • Seeing Signs! It’s a funny story now but Jermaine nearly learned one lesson the hard way (15:55)
  • Check out these savvy tips for saving Money over the road (20:09)
  • Looking to the Future, Jermaine likes what he sees (25:00)
  • Six-Figure Load Planning combines an excellent playbook with the ability to audible on the fly! (28:00)
  • “I’m living the Travel Channel”. Living the dream out on the road (33:00)
  • SFT Eats! Jermaine’s Faves from the road (45:00)

Keep Truckin Jermaine!

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