EP101: The Passion of Big E at the Truck Show

We’re live at the Mid-America Truck Show with Big E, Eric Ryan! Eric drove 650 miles to Louisville to take in all the Trucking eye candy and join us for this live recording. We certainly appreciate that because chatting with Big E is always a treat. He’s a man who loves all things trucking and combines that with a fire that burns for progress and success. There’s no question that Big E has “that dog” in him. In this episode, Eric gets personal as he talks about his fitness journey and the joy of sharing his passion for trucks with his boy. Prepare to be inspired as we grab twenty minutes with an SFT favorite, Eric Ryan, on this special edition on the road at the Mid-America Truck Show!

Show Notes:

  • We’re Live with Big E from the Mid-America Truck Show! (1:04)
  • Meeting Influencers and admiring Eye Candy at the MATS (1:55)
  • Big E talks his love for Trucks and all things Trucking (5:30)
  • From failed owner-operator to deep pockets in Driveaway (9:20)
  • As a Teacher/Trainer, Big E brings the Wisdom! (11:42)
  • The Top Traits of a Deck Driver (14:40)
  • The inspiring backstory of Big E and his fitness journey (16:05)

Keep Truckin’, Big E!

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