EP46: Sun, Sand, and South Dakota with Jim Fischer

Hailing from the Dakotas, our guest today has endured his fair share of arctic winters. In fact, he’s had enough. Fortunately for Jim Fischer, there’s driveaway trucking! The freedom and opportunities in driveaway have allowed this expert planner to keep the ice in his drinks and the sand between his toes. Each winter, he routinely trades the frozen tundras of the Dakotas for routes that lead to sandy beaches and big money. As he tells us today, most of his friends think he’s perpetually on vacation. And this all-around good guy is piling up friends around each bend in the road. There’s no doubt that this Jim Fischer is winning behind the wheel, and we’re delighted to hear his stories and glean his wisdom on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • It’s January in “Sunny” South Dakota (1:00)
  • With dramatic shifts in weather, good prep is crucial (3:15)
  • Always Fuel up! Especially in a CNG (8:35)
  • Jim’s favorite and least favorite rides and routes (including a big shout-out to his favorite dispatcher, Jessica Albert) (13:17)
  • Good friends in good places help make good plans (17:43)
  • Jim leaves us with some Priceless Advice about the simple values of being friendly and respectful (30:37)

Keep Truckin’, Jim! 

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.