EP54: In the Wild with the Winnipeg Wonder, Timothy Pedden

Adjectives like adventurous, intrepid, and rugged are often used to describe the North American Truck driver. Our guest today, however, takes these attributes to a whole new level as he talks about life in rural Manitoba. Bears sniffing around the patio grill and cougars staring through living room windows are just routine encounters for Timothy Pedden. And that’s all before he hits the ice to battle Grizzly and Polar bears for the fish he plans to haul back home. This dude is next level! A long-time diesel mechanic, Timothy traded his wrench for the wheel and driveaway trucking. Over a million miles later, he’s just getting started. So, whether he’s running a load or getting chased by a Grizzly, the Winnipeg Wonder isn’t slowing down! Don’t miss our fascinating discussion with Timothy Pedden on this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes

  • We welcome the Winnipeg Wonder, Timothy Pedden, to the show (1:00)
  • The mechanic-turned-driver has logged over 2,000,000 miles! (3:00)
  • It’s Wild up North – Chasing off Bears, Staring down Moose, and Fishing the Ice! (4:22)
  • Slow it down, Save some Gas, and See more Beauty (21:00)
  • Comparing the Roads and Travel Plans between Canada and the U.S. (24:20)
  • Entering Driveaway and talking about the importance of Dispatchers (37:46)
  • Crossing the border, this Canadian has enjoyed experiencing the U.S. (40:03)
  • Next Level COLD! (45:30)
  • Timothy’s experience as a mechanic and how it translates to Trucking (46:22)
  • With no plans to retire, Timothy takes us out with some great advice (52:14)

Keep Truckin’, Timothy! 

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