EP64: Muddy Boots and Deep Pockets with John Theriault

Growing up as a city boy from Dallas, John Theriault could never have imagined that the path of his life would lead him to a tractor and a truck. But, on a typical week, you’ll find John behind the wheel of a truck and boom trailer as he chases the open roads of Driveaway. And on the weekend, you’ll find him behind the wheel of a John Deere on his Arkansas farm. That’s right, John Theriault has traded the high rise for the low country. He’s traded the hustle and bustle for the open roads and freedom. He’s traded sneakers and skinny jeans for boots and deep pockets. And, as he says in today’s conversation, he’s living the dream. Join us as we hear the ins and outs of boom driving and much more with John Theriault on this week’s edition of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • As he lights up his Victor Sinclaire, John Madewell catches up with boom driver, John Theriault (1:02)
  • John takes us inside the nuts and bolts of the Boom setup (7:19)
  • Good planning = Freedom and Flexibility in Driveaway (13:03)
  • The Learning Curve on a Boom Trailer (15:11)
  • The City boy from Dallas becomes an Arkansas Farmer (23:53)
  • The Cowboys, Shelton, Usher, and John’s playlist for the road (34:08)
  • A unique opportunity to invest in a Young Life (36:52)
  • John shares his journey from the Deli to Driveaway (39:55)
  • John describes Driveaway and shares sage advice for this Good Life! (41:44)

Keep Truckin’ John

The Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the driveaway trucking industry, brought to you by Norton Transport.