EP66: From Bull Rider to Boom Driver with Dennis Greenwood

After a stint as a Professional Bull Rider and 215 jumps out of an airplane, Dennis Greenwood could have been the face of the “No Fear” ad campaign of the nineties. An adrenaline junkie, to be sure, Dennis lives life to the max. But, his zeal for life hit a wall after a few rough breaks left him broke and without a home. But, that’s when Dennis found Driveaway Trucking. After just a few short months behind the wheel, he put that homeless status in the rearview mirror and began humming toward six figures and freedom. Dennis is now a veteran driver and is back in the saddle of his best life as he joins us for today’s conversation. Hear Dennis’ story and much more on this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • Dennis shares his remarkable Journey in Trucking (1:27)
  • The nuts and bolts of the Boom Trailer (11:53)
  • The Boom is a gamechanger for Dennis’ freedom and finances (18:38)
  • “Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast” – #ArmyWisdom (24:00)
  • A Trademark Texan, Dennis rides the Pro Bull Riding Circuit! (29:11)
  • This Adrenalin Junkie trades the Saddle for a Chute and Skydiving (40:09)
  • Driveaway offers the Freedom to Chase your Dreams (49:10)
  • Dennis pitches Driveaway (54:10)

Keep Truckin’ Dennis

The Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the driveaway trucking industry brought to you by Norton Transport.