EP71: How DeCorey Hawkins Rebuilt His Driveaway Career After a Single Mistake

A notification pops up on the screen mounted safely on the dashboard in front of you. You can’t quite see who it’s from or make out what it says, so you grab it for a quick glance. I mean, the traffic is light, and it will only take a second. So, you satisfy the urge, but as you go to put it back, it jostles loose from your hand and hits the floorboard. So, you quickly reach down to snag it, all while keeping your eyes on the road, of course. Eventually, your hand locates the phone, and you secure it back in its mount. When this scene played out for today’s guest in real life, the next thing he saw was blue lights. He was pulled over and given a citation for operating a cell phone while driving.

DeCorey Hawkins was immediately fired. In a matter of seconds, DeCorey lost his job and faced an uphill climb to make it back in this industry with that stain on his record. Thankfully for him, this citation was eventually dropped, and DeCorey returned to the wheel. But it’s safe to say that he has returned a different man. The violation turned out to be minor, but the lesson proved to be major. Tune in today as we discuss this and more with DeCorey Hawkins along with Norton Transport safety director Renee Dearing on this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • We catch up with DeCorey Hawkins fresh off his first delivery in Canada (1:00)
  • We dig into DeCorey’s background and his 10 ½ year journey in Trucking (5:29)
  • Safety Directory Renee Dearing joins us to talk about Safety and to discuss DeCorey’s redemption story (9:30)
  • DeCorey’s pastimes away from the Road (31:51)
  • From school busses to garbage trucks to Peterbuilts 579s, he’s driven it all (38:45)
  • DeCorey’s family includes a one-year-old set of twins! (41:43)
  • As we wrap, DeCorey talks about the highs and lows of his driving career (47:07)

Keep Truckin’ DeCorey

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