EP74: Thinking on The Fly: Robert Nebel’s Journey to Driveaway, Part 2

From sea to shining sea, our All-American truck drivers are privileged to take in the breathtaking beauty of this great land from behind the wheel. But for today’s guest, these landscapes are nothing new. What is new is the angle. Before taking his place behind the wheel of a truck, Robert Nebel spent the better part of three decades in a cockpit. As a military pilot, he flew combat missions in Vietnam and then returned to a decorated career as both a pilot and instructor. Then, he traded his fatigues for a suit and a commercial jet with Southwest Airlines, where he flew the friendly skies for fourteen years. Jets, planes, helicopters, you name it, Robert has flown it. And now, in the twilight of his career, he’s brought his supreme navigational skills to the ground and to a truck. We’re back for part two of our fascinating conversation with Robert Nebel as he shares his journey through the air to the world of trucking. 

Show Notes:

  • Robert’s honorable service as a Pilot in Vietnam (2:49)
  • His decorated career as a military Pilot continued (9:53)
  • From Southeast Asia to Southwest Airlines (16:53)
  • How Robert’s career in the air serves him well behind the wheel (21:24)
  • Robert’s favorite sights from the sky and on the ground (23:00)
  • Robert inspires us as we sign off (27:09)

Keep Truckin’, Robert!

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