EP85: Jetsetter to Trucker: Ray McMillan’s High-Flying Driveaway Life

At any given moment, today’s guest could be spotted pretty much anywhere around the globe. He’s no spy, but looking at his passport or driver logs, you might conclude that Ray McMillan is an international man of mystery. Whether he’s enjoying a five-star meal in Shanghai, walking the beaches of Guam, or cruising the streets of his hometown in Manhattan, Ray is living his best life through the world of transportation. As a flight attendant, Ray gets paid to see the world through the friendly skies. But, when the wheels of his jet touch down, he routinely slides behind the wheel of a truck in need of delivery. His expert planning and savvy use of load boards ensure that wherever he goes in this beautiful world, he’s making good money in the process. Join us today for a fascinating conversation with a guy who just may be the most interesting man in trucking!

Show Notes:

  • This Trucker/Flight Attendant may be the most interesting man in Trucking (1:10)
  • No matter where he’s at, Ray’s eyes are always on the Load Board (9:24)
  • A veteran of the open road, Ray shares his journey to Driveaway (12:24)
  • The Blessing of Same-Day Pay in Driveaway with Norton (19:11)
  • How this Mahatten brother became a Texan (22:18)
  • Ray loves his dispatchers and talks about the importance of this relationship (25:56)
  • Why Driveaway tops the list of jobs in Trucking (27:34)
  • Ray’s advice to current and future Drivers (31:08)
  • Ray reps his fellow commercial drivers as we wrap (34:00)

Keep Truckin’ Ray!

The Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the driveaway trucking industry brought to you by Norton Transport.