EP88: Part 1: Dynamic Husband/Wife Driveaway Duo: The Schleiers’ Adventures

When she met and fell in love with her husband, Michelle Schleier could never have dreamed what else she’d fall in love with. But the more Mark talked about the freedom, beauty, and financial promise of the open roads of Driveaway, the more her ears perked. Then she shocked her world. Michelle’s family and friends simply couldn’t believe that the person they knew refused to drive in the snow and was now driving in all kinds of elements all over North America! She’s off to the races and shows no signs of slowing down. Together with her husband, Mark, the Schleiers are like the Dynamic Duo of Driveaway! We’re pleased to have them as our guests for the next two weeks as they share their fascinating stories and drop some serious nuggets of wisdom along the way. Don’t miss this special episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • Welcoming Team Schleier – a unique over-the-road Driveaway Duo! (1:26)
  • Beautiful sights & financial sizzle – the wide-ranging benefits of a Tow-Car (10:16)
  • Newly-Wed to Mark AND Driveaway! (17:36)
  • Mark’s fascinating journey to Trucking and Driveaway (22:33)
  • Driveaway Sold itself to Michelle (25:25)
  • As we wrap part 1 of our fascinating interview, the Schleier’s pitch Driveaway (30:02)

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