EP89: Part 2: Dynamic Husband/Wife Driveaway Duo: The Schleiers’ Adventures

We’re pleased to welcome back the Dynamic Duo of Driveaway for part two of our conversation. Last week, we learned about all their adventures together with their tow car out on the open roads of Driveaway. But the adventures of Mark and Michelle Schleier only pick up speed when they return home. You’ll be amazed at where they hang their hat and inspired by how their dreams have taken flight. They don’t wear capes, but on today’s episode, you’ll hear how this Dynamic Duo soars! #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • Welcoming the Schleier Dynamic Duo back to the show (1:07)
  • At home in a Hangar (3:10)
  • The benefits of starting your own LLC (7:47)
  • Tax prep and Paperwork on the Border (13:09)
  • The common bond in Oshkosh (16:17)
  • Their Top Three desires and finding fulfillment in Driveaway! (17:47)

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