EP91: Driveaway 101: An Introduction to Driveaway Trucking with John Madewell

Are you looking for a brief introduction to Driveaway Trucking? Look no further than this podcast and today’s instructive episode. At the outset of this new year, our host, John Madewell, takes the opportunity to offer a simple explanation of the Driveaway industry and all its facets. He also provides a glimpse of the Norton Transport backstory in the process. Give this brief episode a listen and get to know the industry that has changed the landscape of the Trucking industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to the show to get ready access to a whole new year of weekly interviews and insights into the world of Driveaway Trucking.

Show Notes:

  • A Brief History of Driveaway Trucking (1:17)
  • Norton Transport is born into the Driveaway space (4:45)
  • The Important role that Technology plays (6:37)
  • The Time and Money-saving Technique of Tow-Behind (7:24)
  • The Plethora of trucks that Norton moves! (8:37)

Keep Truckin!

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