EP96: Humility on the Highway: Tracy Jackson’s Trucking Masterclass Part 1

After 30+ years behind the wheel, there’s no doubt that Tracy Jackson carries an almost encyclopedic knowledge of trucking. But he doesn’t act like a know-it-all. In fact, if you followed Tracy around and heard him interact with other drivers, you might initially think he was a newbie. You’d see him listening intently, asking questions, and soaking up wisdom like a sponge. Eventually, you’d realize that humility is his secret weapon…and one of the reasons why we believe Tracy Jackson is one of the best drivers out on the road. We’ve got plenty to learn from him, and we’re pleased to have him as our guest today and next week. Join us as Tracy shares his journey in Trucking, his life as a Steelers Super Fan, his love for Skydiving, and much more in this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • Tracy joins us from the Road on his way to Texas (1:39)
  • As an Independent Contractor in Driveaway, Planning is the Key (3:38)
  • A 30+ year veteran of Trucking, Tracy shares his journey (8:21)
  • This Pittsburgh Steelers Super Fan has his own Podcast! (10:32)
  • Free falling into Sky Diving (15:15)
  • The #1 Key to Success: HUMILITY (17:29)

Keep Truckin’ Tracy!

The Six-Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the driveaway trucking industry, brought to you by Norton Transport.