EP97: Honor & Service: Tracy Jackson’s Trucking Masterclass Part 2

Tracy Jackson is back with us for part 2 of our conversation! Last week, this 30-year veteran of trucking talked about how the virtue of humility has shaped his life toward success over the road. Tracy is also a veteran of the Navy, and as we hear today, his experience serving our country instilled additional virtues that have made a direct impact on his life behind the wheel. Values like discipline, attention to detail, and a self-starting work ethic are so crucial to the business of trucking…and your bottom line. But this episode isn’t all business. We’re pleased to kick back with Tracy to hear about some fond memories from his navy days and his adventures through the air and on the waves with hobbies like skydiving and jet skiing. All this and more on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • Love for his Son provides great motivation for Tracy Jackson! (1:03)
  • Tracy’s experience in the Navy and love for Top Gun! (5:07)
  • Skydiving, Jet skiing, and the Crimson Tide (10:33)
  • Tracy offers some sage advice as we wrap (15:56)

Keep Truckin’ Tracy!

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