EP99: Part 2 with Rodney Clay: Dedication to Service

Most weeks here on the Six Figure Trucker, we talk to guests about the ins and outs of driving trucks for a living. And as all of our drivers would tell you, a good living can be made out on the open roads…a damn good living. But, long before today’s guest began living his best life through driveaway, he was driving to keep living. As one of the few and the proud, Rodney Clay drove vehicles for the Marines through Two Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the aim of protecting and advancing the cause of Freedom. He served with distinction for over 30 years. Wow, we’re truly honored to have him back as our guest today, and as John will put it in today’s conversation, “Rodney, we thank you for your service and Semper Fi!”.

Show Notes:

  • Rodney prepares to serve our Country in the Military (1:00)
  • From the Army National Guard to the Marines (5:44)
  • 30 years and Two Tours for a Grateful nation (8:55)
  • How the Military prepared Rodney for a career in Trucking (11:48)

Keep Truckin’, Rodney!

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