Flipping the Mic: Dive Into John Madewell’s Fascinating Journey on ‘Logistics of Logistics’ with Joe Lynch

Did you know that before he stepped behind the microphone of the Six Figure Trucker, John Madewell once interviewed Snoop Dogg, flew an F16, and shook the hand of our 42nd President? Hey, we’re flipping the script today as our fearless interviewer becomes the interviewee! Our guy, John Madewell, was the guest on a podcast recently that we’re pleased to recommend. The show is called Logistics of Logistics with Host Joe Lynch. In this episode, we hear all about John’s colorful career and what led him to his current space in the world of trucking with Norton Transport.

Click on the link of your choice below and listen to the John Madewell episode on the Logistics of Logistics podcast with host Joe Lynch!

Website: https://bit.ly/3RNlWQv

Apple: https://apple.co/3rJeCus

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/46hKUM6

Google: https://bit.ly/48HgXGV