EP60: Mastering Safety in Driveaway: Fredrick Waller’s Flawless Record on the Road

The Safety Director at your company is not normally someone you want to hear from. But Norton Transport’s Safety Chief showed up today to say thank you. On this week’s episode, Renea Dearing shares her appreciation for a driver who is truly first class. In fact, in five years over the road in driveaway, Fredrick Waller has yet to fail an inspection. We’re pleased to welcome him as our guest today as he shares the secrets to his success over the road. Tune in, drivers, and stay safe out there!

Show Notes:

  • We catch up with Fredrick at his GA home and hear his journey to Driveaway (1:05)
  • Fredrick shares the secrets behind his stellar inspection record – 100% (4:12)
  • Having Children changes your perspective on Safety (16:33)
  • A Sports Fan, Fredrick is set to watch His Braves and the NBA playoffs (19:38)
  • Maximizing Fuel and Profits is an Artform in the various vehicles of Driveaway (23:10)
  • From Miami to Vegas, Fredrick shares his favorite stops over the road (28:40)
  • Safety Director Renee extends an invitation (34:00)
  • Fredrick loves the Same-day Pay and Load Availability with Norton (36:07)
  • As we wrap, John and Renee share their appreciation for this Safety Legend (39:07)

Keep Truckin’ Fredrick

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