EP22: Talkin’ With Tomko

For most people, the thought of driving their car into the heart of New York City makes their palms a little sweaty. Imagine driving a vehicle that is hauling a 100-ton railroad crane for delivery in downtown Queens. When this load hit the wires, one driver stepped up and had the goods to deliver. Frank Tomko is his name, and he joins us today on the Six-Figure Trucker! In this unique episode, we detail this epic transport that included days of preparation, special permits, and even a police escort. We also talked with Frank’s dispatcher for the load, Jesse Chavez, and discussed the mutual respect and trust that this driver and dispatcher have for each other. Additionally, we’ll hear other great stories and expert advice from this veteran driver who has truly seen it all over the road. We’re Talkin’ with Tomko on this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes

  • As Frank prepares to head back into NYC, we reflect upon a legendary delivery of a 100-ton railroad crane to downtown Queens! (0:52)
  • Jesse Chavez, Frank’s dispatcher for this epic load, joins us in this conversation to provide his angle of insight on this moment (3:02)
  • 12 years as a Motorcoach Driver provided Frank with valuable experience (14:14)
  • “I nearly had a heart attack” – Frank tells a story from his motorcoach days about something he stumbled upon near the back of the bus (18:36)
  • Frank talks about the importance of good preparation and being proactive ahead of the many glitches that can occur over the road (20:10)
  • Frank offers excellent advice about driving under pressure, whether dealing with major metropolitan congestion or a deadline from an impatient client (24:24)
  • Snapshots of Knowledge – Frank talks about the importance of collecting mental pictures that add up over time to a full album of knowledge (29:38)
  • Franks shares some Lucrative Tips that point to 6 figures over the road (34:54)
  • Nearing the end of his run behind the wheel, Frank peaks into the future (40:00)
  • The best route Frank has ever driven (44:29)
  • Frank offers his thoughts on CNG fuel (47:27)
  • We leave you with some final thoughts and advice from Frank Tomko (49:42)

Keep Truckin’ Frank!

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