EP23: Being Centered Versus Being Motivated with Shungo Walker

He planned to drive for one year and then move on to his next career. Eleven years later, Shungo Walker is a veteran driver and trainer who’s grown to love the open road. With Six Figures in his pocket, a happy family by his side, and a shot of Don Julio tequila in his hand, it’s safe to say he’s found his lane. Shungo is living his best life. We’re grateful to have him join us today on the Six-Figure Trucker to share a bit of his journey to success on the open road and the wisdom he’s gleaned along the way. Trucking and training across this nation and even north of the border, this guy has seen it all and has a truckload of knowledge to share. You don’t want to miss this insightful and entertaining conversation on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes

  • Two homes, two places, and two climates…and One Happy Family (1:00)
  • Shungo drops some important truth on the difference between what he calls “being centered versus being motivated” (9:30)
  • An expert Trainer, Shungo shares why he loves training and how he approaches this important role (14:35)
  • Having seen it all, Shungo explains the key traits that form an elite driver and separate him/her from the average or below-average driver (20:57)
  • An 11-year veteran behind the wheel, Shungo shares his road to Trucking and his love for the freedom this industry provides (27:40)
  • Tequila and Top Gun! Shungo talks about his love for what he calls the “primary liquid” and his plans to see the Blockbuster sequel (32:32)
  • SFT Eats – From the best BBQ in Fargo to a Life-changing steak in Idaho (38:45)
  • Trucking North of the Border (44:42)
  • Living his Best Life as a Six Figure Trucker (49:18)

Keep Truckin’ Shungo!

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