EP25: Into The Great White North With Phillip Knowles

We hate to burst your bubble, but all those millions of Christmas presents aren’t actually delivered in one night by a big guy in a red suit while riding a sleigh pulled by eight magic reindeer. In the real world, millions of packages of Christmas cheer are delivered by truck drivers pulled by 600 horses on 18 wheels. The men and women of trucking have long been the undervalued heroes of Christmas. One trucker took it to a whole new level when trucking shortages hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. When Phillip Knowles identified that U-Haul trucks in Canada had become available, he decided to help transport them stateside for use by UPS. So he drove them across the border one at a time and then would literally walk back into Canada to find transportation to another truck to transport. He transported dozens of trucks, which in turn delivered thousands of presents that brought smiles to children all across the Pacific Northwest. And that is how one trucker helped save Christmas!

Before he was a holiday hero, Phillip Knowles was a transportation engineer with an itch for the open roads. His love for travel and desire for freedom to explore the world made him a perfect match for driveaway with Norton Transport. We’re pleased to welcome Phillip to the podcast on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker 

Show Notes

  • O Canada! We catch up with Phillip on the road in Quebec (0:50) 
  • Phillip breaks down his journey to driveaway and Norton (7:50)
  • Hailing from Texas, Phillip shares his backstory (12:49)
  • How a Trucker Saved Christmas – an Incredible story from a Trucker who cares (14:39)
  • One perspective on dealing with Inflation (20:00)
  • Phillip helps us envision the breathtaking beauty north of the border (22:15)
  • Breaking Stereotypes – this renaissance trucker has sung around the world in an international choir, and is currently learning French! (28:23)
  • Phillip talks food North of the Border and drops a hot take on Fast Food (34:25)
  • Phillip gives his outlook on the future of Trucking and his pitch to prospective drivers (38:50)
  • Aloha! With the freedom he enjoys in driveaway, Phillip recently took in the beautiful scenery of Hawaii and encourages you to join him behind the wheel (41:42)

Keep Truckin’ Phillip!

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful owner-operators have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.