EP26: Toes In The Sand and Wisdom in Hand with Mike Kolody

It has been said that “In school, you’re taught a lesson, and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches the lesson.” Our guest today has faced his share of tests and has masters-level lessons to share. There were numerous sleepless nights when as a business owner in this industry, he had over a million dollars worth of debt on trucks he couldn’t move. Then there were sleepless nights of a different kind when battling an aggressive form of cancer. These are the kind of tests that can either make or break you. They made Mike Kolody, and we’re thrilled to have him on the show today. Mike is an expert driver and trainer who’s seen it all on the open road. He’s learned what makes the business go, to the tune of six figures. But, he’s also learned how to make those figures work for him, to the tune of ten toes in the sand. He’s a top-shelf businessman who’s also been accused of being a beach bum – an accusation he and his family don’t dispute. On today’s episode of the Six-Figure Trucker, you’ll hear Mike’s story and walk away with a truckload of help and inspiration for the road ahead.

Show Notes

  • Beach Bummin’! Catching up with Mike at home in the Outer Banks (1:00) 
  • Mike shares his perspective and philosophy on Driver Training (4:52)
  • A Wealth of Wisdom on Facebook – Join Mike’s group today! (7:33)
  • Better Accounting will save you Thousands each year (13:32)
  • The Wake-Up Up Call that got Mike into gear regarding his health (17:50)
  • Mike’s thoughts on balancing health, family, and making money (20:50)
  • Mike puts his Trainer hat back on to share wisdom you can’t afford to miss! (23:12)
  • From Driver to Owner to Manager, back to Driver – Mike shares his journey in the Trucking Industry and the valuable lessons he learned in the process (27:15)
  • From the Mountains to the Casinos, you’ve got to enjoy this Ride! (34:09)
  • Rising Above unfortunate stereotypes and misrepresentations of Truckers (40:46)
  • In parting, Mike shares some incredible advice and wisdom (46:12)

Keep Truckin’ Mike!

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.