EP28: A State of Mind with Ernandez Robinson

Our guest today is a class A driver who’s also a class A gentleman. With over a decade of experience behind the wheel, Ernandez Robinson has a wealth of experience in this industry to share. But, it’s his sterling character and peaceful demeanor that set him apart as a key contributor in this space and someone we can all learn from. They say nice guys finish last. Well, not at Norton and not today! Mr. Robinson’s world includes a happy wife, six beautiful kids, and the freedom afforded him in driveaway. Oh, and there are six figures in there too. You don’t want to miss the wisdom and perspective you’ll glean from today’s episode as we welcome Mr. Ernandez Robinson to the show.

Show Notes

  • On the road in a CNG – Ernandez talks the pros and cons of CNG fuel (0:50)
  • The Early Bird gets the Worm – Why Mr. Robinson likes the 4 AM start (13:13)
  • Crazy scenes Ernandez has encountered over the road (20:15)
  • With a wife and six kids, Mr. Robinson’s Family is always on his mind and is a major factor in his love for and approach to Driveaway (23:10)
  • Good Communication, Trust, and a little Kindness – Great advice from Ernandez on the relationship between the Driver and Dispatcher (30:33)
  • “Take a Deep Breath and move on to Plan B” – Ernandez deals with unexpected problems over the road (38:08)
  • If you’re self-motivated, value your freedom, and want to make real money, Mr. Robinson has a pitch for you. (41:00)
  • Family Vacations and a Birthday bash for Mrs. Robinson (47:35)

Here’s to you, Mr. Robinson!

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.