EP29: Thank You For Your Service with Venson Johnson

It’s one thing to transport trucks all over the country. It’s quite another to transport soldiers in the midst of war. Worries about blowing a tire take on a new perspective when your tires have encountered an IED. Our guest today spent eight years in the Army and was deployed twice to the Middle East. In addition to his military experience, Venson Johnson is also a 17-year veteran behind the wheel in the trucking industry. He’s an expert driver who cares deeply about the reputation of truckers and the industry as a whole. But, it’s his wisdom that stands out the most in this conversation. Venson has learned the value of people over profit and peace over prosperity. He will passionately say that the most crucial asset he can give his kids is his presence and time. This is the kind of maturity that war tends to accelerate. We’re grateful for the service Venson Johnson has rendered to our great nation, and we’re honored to have him on today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes

  • We catch up with Venson before a night of competitive bowling with his daughter (1:30)
  • In his 17th year behind the wheel, Venson shares his background in trucking (4:58)
  • “America would come to a screeching halt without the Trucking Industry” (8:38)
  • Venson talks about the varied abilities required for this challenging industry (11:39)
  • It’s one thing to drive trucks over the road; it’s quite another to drive in the midst of war – Venson talks about his time in Iraq and Afghanistan with the Army (14:27)
  • Six-Figure Skills! (22:22)
  • Venson talks his journey from driving Flatbeds to deck driving a Four-way and tells about some great stories and experiences along the way (27:01) 
  • We talk about the importance of good Training (34:02)
  • Venson takes great Pride in this Industry and his role in it (36:30)
  • Trucking is so much more than a big Paycheck (42:38)

Keep Truckin’ Venson!

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