EP34: Join The Club with Terry Scott

Road rage is a problem, and it’s growing. A recent study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Commission (NHTSA) found that fatal road rage-related car accidents grew 500% in just nine years between 2006 and 2015. Unfortunately, that number continues to climb. Over 80% of drivers surveyed in 2019 admitted to an outburst of road rage at least once in the previous year. But we’re thankful that our guest today proves to be an exception. Terry Scott has learned the art of keeping cool on highways full of bad drivers and worse attitudes. He is passionate about saying that you can’t get upset about what you can’t control. His mantra is, “You’ve got to join the club.” To find out what he means by that, tune in to today’s episode of the #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • A 3-year vet as a Deck driver, Terry talks about the challenges of Deck driving (1:27)
  • Having started as a Hub driver, Terry loves the money and freedom in Driveaway (5:00)
  • From Albuquerque to Omaha to NYC, Terry talks about his favorite places (8:12)
  • “You’ve gotta join the club”. Terry talks about the importance of patience (11:08)
  • We talk about the state of the Trucking Industry (16:05)
  • Terry Scott, the Family Man (17:50)
  • Hotel beds and parking stalls. The subtle but important details in Driveaway (19:23)
  • Away from the wheel, terry enjoys time with his son, travels with his wife, and running his side hustle (22:30)
  • Even with the Potholes, there’s no place like home in Ohio. (29:11)
  • Crazy Stories: A Tractor Trailer barrelling down the wrong side of the Freeway (31:52)
  • Expert Advice – “You can’t get upset about what you can’t control. You just gotta join the club”. (35:43)

Keep Truckin’, Terry!

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.