EP41: The Norton Way with Calvin Norton and Lynn Smith

It’s not difficult to make sense of Norton Transport’s rise to prominence in the Driveaway space when you listen to its founder. A genuine man of the people, Calvin Norton, has sought to revolutionize how a trucking company respects and appreciates its drivers. As a driver himself who still takes the occasional load, he knows firsthand the expertise drivers bring and the sacrifices they make for the good of the company and the nation. This firsthand knowledge continues to fuel his passion that drivers would be known and taken care of and has shaped the family-oriented atmosphere of the company that bears his name. We’re thrilled to welcome Calvin to the show today alongside a longtime associate and one of the company’s original drivers, Lynn Smith. Today’s episode is filled with the wisdom and experiences of a successful driver, leader, and owner in our industry. Don’t miss this special episode of #SixFigureTrucker.

Show Notes:

  • The Origins of Norton Transport (1:03)
  • Great stories from the early years, including how Lynn became a Canadian hero! (4:41)
  • Prioritizing Drivers over Profit is central to the Norton Way (11:10)
  • You’re Family at Norton. The incredible growth of Norton hasn’t changed their passion for taking care of people well. (21:00)
  • “Work Hard; Play Hard” is another part of the incredible culture at Norton (31:30)
  • Huge Fans of Classic Rock, Calvin, and Lynn share their favorite bands and concert experiences and how music has even shaped the culture at Norton (33:10)
  • Have a plan but be prepared to react and adapt (40:28)
  • Calvin and Lynn offer a Holiday wish to all the People of Norton (47:06)
  • The Future is bright for the Driveaway Industry and Norton Transport (50:52)

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.