EP17: For Freedom and Family with Andre Parrish

Can you put a price tag on freedom? We’re talking about the freedom to work when you want to work, buy what you need to buy, or help who you need to help in a time of need. We’re talking about the freedom to provide security and stability for your family. What is this freedom worth? Though many people would say that this kind of freedom is worth everything, they often see it as merely a dream and not a real possibility for themselves and their future. Our guest today once thought this way. That was until he discovered the driveaway trucking industry. In driveaway, Andre Parrish has found a path to America’s open roads and to personal freedom. Hear how driveaway has flipped the script for Andre on this episode of the #SixFigureTrucker

Show Notes

  • Andre’s his path to Six Figures and Freedom in driveaway (3:01)
  • Heads up Drivers! Andre shares some excellent advice (8:23)
  • The importance of building relationships, especially with your dispatcher (11:30)
  • Andre shares his history in Trucking and what led him to driveway (21:28)
  • Andre’s success over the road has led to respect and success at home (28:14)
  • Experiencing the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation over the road (35:12)
  • No place like home (42)
  • Andre knows himself some Food! (46:11)
  • Andre peaks into his future over the road and leaves us with some wisdom (53:07)

Keep Truckin’ Andre

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