EP19: Bumpy Rhodes with Danny “Bumpy” Rhodes Jr.

Our guest today has seen his fair share of bumpy roads during his 34-year career in trucking. So much so, he’s been officially dubbed Daniel “Bumpy” Rhodes Jr. But, you don’t take that as your nickname unless you’ve learned to ride those bumpy roads to your advantage. As Danny will say, “if you can take it, you can make it”. He’s certainly taken a few shots to the chin, including a recent bankruptcy. But, this driver has made it out here on the open road and is getting stronger and wiser with every year. The former Marine combines toughness and candor with a positive, never-quit mindset that comes through loud and clear in this episode. You don’t want to miss our conversation today with a trucking vet we call “Bumpy Rhodes”! 

Show Notes:

  • It’s in the Name – “Bumpy Rhodes” talks about his nickname (1:14)
  • The military vet gives us wisdom gleaned from the Marines (2:07)
  • COVID – Hard lessons and Big blessings (8:30)
  • It’s Bumpy out there – Danny talks about how you can make it (16:53)
  • Freedom, opportunity, and responsibility in driveaway (28:07)
  • “I just love driving trucks” – Danny loves life over the road (42:55)
  • Danny offers some veteran advice for fellow drivers (49:50)
  • We close out the show with some comments on Father’s Day (52:01)

Danny, Keep Truckin’ down those Bumpy Rhodes!

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