EP20: Living Her Dream with Ta-Riesha Jackson

In this episode, we’re pleased to have one of driveaway’s best drivers out on the road. We welcome Ta-Riesha Jackson to the show. Ta-Riesha has extensive experience in the transportation industry through a 20+ year career as a driver and instructor with Greyhound Bus. Yet, as a single mom working for another company, her finances and freedom were limited through those years. But Miss J is limited no more! In driveaway, Ta-Riesha hauls in six figures while seeing the world and doing so on her terms. She works for herself. “I love it and could never go back to punching somebody’s timeclock,” she said of her newfound life behind the wheel with Norton Transport. And friends, this girl can drive! You don’t want to miss the stories and advice you’ll hear from our conversation with Ta-Riesha Jackson on this episode of #SixFigureTrucker

Show Notes

  • Stop at the Mom and Pop! Ta-Riesha’s best eats on the road (1:02)
  • Ta-Riesha shares her path to trucking and the experience she’s gained (6:54)
  • Alone with her tunes and Mango juice, Ta-Riesha loves driveaway (9:16)
  • “He’s Naked in the Back of the Bus!” Crazy stories over the road (16:00)
  • Girls Drive (and make six figures) too! (21:00)
  • A good relationship with your Dispatcher is essential (26:03)
  • Save on gas with the Exit App (30:24)
  • 6 Figures and Freedom – Driveaway changes lives! (32:00)
  • Miss J can cook! Ta-Riesha talks about life off the road (39:44)
  • Favorite routes and interstates (44:09)
  • “I want to drive until they take my license away!” Ta-Riesha talks about her plans (45:46)

Keep Truckin’ Ta-Riesha!

The Six Figure Trucker is a weekly conversation that shares the strategies and stories that successful truck drivers have used to build lucrative careers in the trucking industry.